How does Hometrends choose the households that it mails to?

The list that we use is a “hybrid” of many information sources. Tax records, property records, credit applications, phone records, census updates, postal records, etc. We then filter certain profiles that are proven to be better prospects for the advertisers in our magazine.

Why can’t Hometrends be bought at a newsstand or subscribed to?

We admit it… We’re control freaks! It’s all about control… It’s a demographic crapshoot to rely on subscribers and newsstand readers to bolster your demographics. Have you ever had a representative from a magazine company call you and say, “…before we proceed with your subscription and process your $14.95, we’d like to know what kind of a year you’re having”? If it made sense for our advertisers, we’d be all too happy offer subscriptions and sell Hometrends on newsstands.

Why is the amount of advertising limited to fifty percent of content?

Historically, most magazines have about 70 to 80% advertising content. If you count the many “advertorials,” then the number quickly approaches 100%. The magazine simply does not stay interesting to most readers and becomes just another catalog. Consumers read magazines because the topics interest them. So, we always place editorial over ads. Our approach keeps the reader engaged. And an engaged reader turns to the magazine more often and reads the magazine for longer periods of time, which means more impressions for your ad… Multiple impressions… Isn’t that why you’re advertising in a magazine? If the magazine isn’t engaging the reader, then it’s like putting an undersized billboard up for just a day! In Hometrends, your message won’t get “lost” in a sea of ads. So, leave the Herd and lead the pack!

How does Hometrends compare to other magazines?

Engaging articles that focus on what the Homeowner has to say about their terrific project, outstanding photography, limited advertising, captivating covers, strict control over distribution, high income targeting and a philosophy that puts your company’s interest at the top our company’s goals! Hometrends is the ONLY, stand-alone, magazine in N.E. Ohio that is dedicated to home, garden and design. Hometrends is the ONLY magazine that targets home ownership. And, we’re the ONLY magazine, of any topic, that targets wealth.

I advertised in other magazines before with poor results, how is Hometrends better?

Very often, magazine advertising fails to deliver expected results because of many contributing factors. Sometimes your ad simply gets lost in a catalog of ads and bland articles. Other times it’s a failed conveyance of your message. In many cases, the average reader was simply not your ideal prospect. The saying, “you can’t be all things to all people” is something that we apply to our business model. We stack the deck in favor of better response. While none of us has a crystal ball on how well an ad campaign will work, we know a thing or two about reaching affluent homeowners. Hometrends is designed to be a resource for affluent homeowners, keep them engaged with a quality magazine that focuses on the most interesting area projects and get your message into their hands. “Repetition is Mother’s Milk” in advertising and we strive to increase the number of impressions that each ad receives with a magazine that’s designed for maximum shelf-life.

What about people who want a copy of Hometrends and are not on your mailing list?

We often get calls from people who came across Hometrends and want to subscribe. As tempting as it is for us, we say “no” and refer them to our website and the digital version that they never have to leave home for, or even pay for! Occasionally, we’ll also refer them to our list of clients who make copies available for their visitors.

How does the cost of an ad in Hometrends compare to other magazines?

A common factor in purchasing advertising is CPM (cost per thousand). Basically, it’s how much it cost per thousand copies or viewers. While it is more prevalent in mass media types like TV, Radio and “junk mail,” it can be a helpful tool in gauging the costs of reaching prospects. For example, let’s say that one magazine option has a circulation of 39,000 copies: It had 6,000 subscribers who lived outside of your service area or even the State, and of the remaining 33,000, 28,000 owned their homes, and only 15,000 of them were “affluent.” To figure your CPM, you would take the cost of the ad and divide it by 15. With the efficiencies that Hometrends employs, you could confidently divide the ad cost by a factor of at least 43! Simply put, each ad dollar in Hometrends reaches more affluent homeowners than any other magazine in the region! If an affluent homeowner is your best prospect, then you’ll agree that our targeting makes us very cost effective.

How does an online digital version of Hometrends help my marketing efforts?

Our digital version of Hometrends is an on-screen copy of the printed issue. The added bonus of click-thru convenience enables the readers to link directly to your website! There’s also added features like “file sharing,” quick search and project links. Every story in Hometrends also offers a “web bonus” of project links and extra photographs.

How do you pick the properties and projects that you feature?

All of the properties featured have their own, unique “wow factor” that we capture and relate to our many readers. The leads for these projects come from professionals who were involved and homeowners that are simply proud of the outcome. Once we decide to feature a project, we lay out the ground rules… This is a story about a great project. Not a story about a company. We stay away from “advertorials” and focus on what the homeowner says. Our focus on what the homeowner says about their project is akin to “word of mouth.” As you may have noticed, many our projects respect the Homeowners’ wish to remain anonymous.

Why do demographics matter when I consider where to advertise? Where to start?

The key in advertising is to reach people can actually buy from you. We don’t chase everyone. We simply focus on affluent homeowners. Basic questions will help decide if demographics play a role in your marketing efforts. “How many room additions have I sold to renters?” Hometrends only targets homeowners. “How many projects have I designed for people who in a multi-family building?” We target single-family addresses. “How much high end jewelry has my store sold to people with modest incomes?” We target wealth… Hometrends boasts a median household income of about $274,000! That’s a huge amount of recurring and disposable income. In fact, Hometrends readers have a higher median income than any three of the area’s other consumer magazines… Combined! In this economy, finding the right prospect is critical. Hometrends delivers!