What about people who want a copy of Hometrends and are not on your mailing list?

We often get calls from people who came across Hometrends and want to subscribe. As tempting as it may be for us, we politely refer them to our website and the digital version that they never have to leave home for, or even pay for! Occasionally, we’ll also refer them to our list of clients who make copies available for their visitors.

How do you pick the properties and projects that you feature?

All of the properties featured have their own, unique “wow factor” that we capture and relate to our many readers. The leads for these projects come from professionals who were involved and homeowners that are simply proud of the outcome. Once we decide to feature a project, we lay out the ground rules… This is a story about a great project. Not, a story about a company. We stay away from “advertorials” and focus on what the homeowner says. Our focus on what the homeowner says about their project is akin to “word of mouth.” As you may have noticed, many our projects respect the Homeowners’ wish to remain anonymous.