If you’re reading this, then your business likely has challenges…

Businesses have many challenges. Securing funding, finding talented employees, keeping expenses reigned in, paying taxes, selecting insurance, finding locations, fending off competition, gaining market share and much more. All of those efforts are in vein if one, not so simple thing fails to happen… Sales. Without sales, nothing else happens (at least not for very long). And, without qualified leads, sales simply cannot happen. As the only magazine in NE Ohio to specifically target high income homeowners, Hometrends is a reality check on the “challenges” of advertising.

Advertising has even become a “must” for companies that have never needed to in the past. Many companies relied on “word of mouth” to increase their sales. That phrase, “word of mouth” is likely found in some “advertising thesaurus” and translates to, “we do good work, clients have confidence in referring us to friends, those leads occasionally turn into sales and we can’t find an advertising platform that works nearly as well.” Hometrends supports the “word of mouth” dependency by getting your message into the hands of people that are most able to respond to the many referrals they get from their many friends who had home improvements. Quick qualifier… Does anyone in this demographic know only one person that had a home improvement project done well? Of course not!

When considering advertising, business owners simply have less viable options than before. Newspapers have dwindling circulations, news that is historically around 28% of content, stories that are often syndicated and days old, and a very quick shelf life. Newspaper market penetration numbers are shrinking and demographics are on decline. Newspaper “facings” only last several seconds, while sections and entire newspapers have shelf lives that average mere minutes. Even the magazines produced by newspapers are just glossy versions of the same old thing! How many times per week, month or year can your business afford to place their ads? Also, can the bulk of newspaper readers even buy what you’re selling?

Direct Mail? The prevailing logic has always been, “Get your message into the hands of readers via their mail boxes that they empty six times per week.” Can most business afford the time, money and effort for a sustained solo mail campaign? Factors like design, paper, printing, list acquisition, downtime and postage are all costly and often prohibit significant direct mail efforts. Co-op direct mail places your message in a mix of dozens, and often hundreds, of other ads of varying sizes, quality and purpose. The “co-op direct mail” method is often duplicated in the same markets by several “magazines,” envelopes and card packs each with so many advertisers that your message barely stands a chance. And even if your ad is noticed, who is noticing it and can they even buy what you’re selling?

Radio, TV, billboards? Ditto!

Hometrends answers the call with a proven format and a solid track record of reaching the most affluent homeowners in the Greater Cleveland market. Targeting matters! Our readers are targeted based on being high income homeowners. Who could be better qualified to buy from you? Once they receive their issue of Hometrends, the affluent homeowner is engaged with the most detailed journal of fine homes, trends that make them special and the stories behind them.

Hometrends is the only home, garden & design magazine that targets the destination of EACH COPY!

Hometrends leads the Cleveland area market in demographics, shelf life and reach. When advertising becomes your latest “challenge,” Hometrends offers solutions that work.

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